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7 Tips to Cook in a safe manner despite Coronavirus Besmirches

Even those who aren’t convinced are showing concern and caution about how to prevent the spread of contagion and be safe from coronavirus pandemic. Since the White House guidelines were published two weeks ago, a number of states have closed down bars and restaurants. Cooking at home is now the safest and most secure alternative.

Deliveries and ordering takeout is an an excellent way to support local eateries. But ordering takeaway for every meal is costly. There are numerous recipes that can make cooking enjoyable and rewarding.

These are easy ways to avoid COVID-19 affecting your family members and you while you’re cooking at home. These tips can help reduce your chances of contracting the virus…or any other bacteria.

1. Wash your hands

This is probably something you’ve heard thousand times. This is the 1,001th time. To stay away from COVID-19, it is recommended that you must wash your hands using hot soapy water for at minimum 20 seconds. You can still cleanse your hands with hot soapy water for at minimum 20 seconds prior to heading to the store. This is fine, but don’t allow it to create false confidence that allows you to kiss your face like you were doing nothing.

2. Keep your counters tidy

Check that your counters are clean . Researchers of the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Princeton University tried to replicate the coronavirus, which is spread on everyday surfaces by affected people (such such as when they touch or coughing). Researchers investigated the duration of the virus that it could be able to remain active on these surfaces. They discovered that it could last up to 7 hours for some surfaces like plastic and 3 to 4 hours for metallic surfaces. Before and after each use it is crucial to clean the kitchen thoroughly.

3. Make sure you take care of your food packaging

Place your shopping bags in the kitchen sink as you take home your food items. It’s easier to wash the sink rather than the kitchen counters, after disposing of any packaging.

4. Solo work

This is common sense, but we live in a time where it is crucial to reinforce common sense. You are less likely of contracting any illness as you don’t have interaction with others. Social distancing has a positive effect!

5. Wash your vegetables

There’s no need to use chemicals to wash your vegetables and fruits. Clean your vegetables and fruits using plenty of water. Then scrub them. Make sure you wash your hands after you’ve handled them.

6. Food must be cooked to 165 degF.

The general rule of thumb when cooking to remove germs is heating food to 165°F. It is best to cook it at 165°F which is the most common temperature that kills germs. This is especially the case when you’re heating food items from a restaurant.

7. Share food

This is social distancing. Although you and your family may be fond of stealing food from the other’s plates, this is not the right occasion to sample or steal food from other people. Don’t share food between one person and the other or reverse the process. It’s normal to keep your food secrets.